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Company Profile

Security Nationwide is a Houston and Dallas. Texas based private security firm providing premier security guard and surveillance camera security solutions. We specialize in Residential and Commercial properties and are committed to meeting and exceeding our client's needs and expectations. We take pride as a company in providing constant communication with feedback and information regarding any problems or threats that can be assessed on the property. This is done by constantly making sure all post supervisors visit each and every property. Security Nationwide has a five million dollar general liability and workers compensation insurance policy to ensure peace of mind for any occurrence that may happen. We provide fast and prompt responses to any inquiry or calls. Owners and managers of Security Nationwide have over ten years of law enforcement career experience. Sohail Shah who is the chief executive operator of the company has had extensive military, protective service and police work in Pakistan and has served as the personal bodyguard for the prime minister of Pakistan. Rest assured he will provide the highest level of security services for you're property and provide a peace of mind knowing that your property will remain safe under a watchful eye throughout the night.

Sohail Shah

Sohail Shah is the President of Security Nationwide. He has been in the security industry since 1992 and has extensive experience in the Private security field as well as private protection providing personal detailing for the prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhuto.

Shah has completed his initial level 3 training in 1992 and has maintained his training ever since with firearm proficiency courses. He is actively engaged in many organizations of the private security sector such as A.S.S.I.S.T and participates in many city watch and security programs like The International District


To assist our clients in the efforts of promoting a safer more secure environment. We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest level of services to deliver a peace of mind to our clients and their assets. As a value added security service company, we take great pride in providing unsurpassed, personalized and quality services for all your needs for both residential and commercial properties.


To be recognized as one of the top private security firms of choice offering the highest level of professional security guard and patrol services, with affordable, cost effective and budget friendly pricing. We take pleasure in providing our clients with the highest quality security services

Our Values

1. Teamwork & Communication: We promote the efforts of teamwork by constantly communicating and asserting the needs if the property and clientele making sure all calls and issues are addressed without delay.

2. Peace of Mind: By constantly thriving to meet and exceed our client's expectations making sure their property is under a diligent and watchful eye during and after business hours.

3.Respect & integrity: Our goal is to act ethically and responsibly making sure our management and officers treat everyone with courtesy and fairness. We strive to conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and ethical manner at all times and gain strength from the diversity in our culture.

4. To protect and deter crime: To strive and succeed at all levels begins with the deterrence of crime. Studies show that with a proactive security solution in place, crime is deterred by an astonishing 80%. Protect yourself and your investments by creating a safer work environment with Security Nationwide.

Why choose security nationwide?

When you need a stronger approach to secure your property and its assets, choose Security Nationwide. We are experts in offering reliable, professional and cost effective security solutions for clients in the retail, construction, corporate, industrial, residential and commercial sectors. With an experienced management team and highly skilled workforce, we are qualified and ready to take on your security needs. We do this by incorporating the following:

  • Commitment to satisfying client needs
  • Dedication to Excellence
  • Professional, Courteous and highly trained security officers
  • Highly experienced management team involved heavily in the private security industry,
  • Cost effective security services
  • Security solutions to meet all your needs
  • 4 million dollar general liability, umbrella and workers compensation insurance policy.

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