Our Training

Advanced Security Academy is a private level ll, lll & lV security training institution, located in the 810 HIWAY 6 SOUTH Houston,Texas.77079 We have instructors and guest speakers from a law enforcement background. Our students are prepared with the necessary information to handle private security needs. With an emphasis on visible patrol duties, civil liability, loss prevention and ethics, Advanced Security Academy is known for its outstanding student body and skilled staff.

We offer a stimulating learning environment to all students. We are state certified level ll,lll and lV level training academy that is equipped with props and classroom activities needed to train cadets to improve observational skills, self-defense skills, community relations as well as report writing skills.

The Advanced Security Academy staff believes in providing all available resources to ensure that students are updated with the technology, products and training materials to ensure quality performance and advancement in the private security field. We are committed to helping students in the area of community relations, cultural diversity sensitivity training as well as ethics. We believe in providing student support FAQs as well as updates provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security bureau.


The mission of Advanced Security Academy is to offer the best learning environment possible to ensure that the entry level security employee will have the working knowledge of the private security industry as well as on hands training in weaponless self defense,the use of reasonable,constructive, and/or necessary force to protect life and property. as well as present ability to safely and successfully effect detentions/arrests of suspects to be turned over to local authorities. To help everyone to realize a healthier perception,a greater appreciation and a better understanding of the functions,duties,responsibilities and roles of the Private Security Officer in the present times.

Course certification
  • Level-2 : Non-commissioned Security Officer
  • Level-3 : Commissioned Security Officer/ Continuing education&re-qualification
  • Level-4 : Personal Protection Officer
  • Asp baton/Handcuffing techniques
  • O.C.Pepper spray
  • Shotgun
  • Taser
  • Concealed handgun and re-qualification
Classroom Location

6776 Southwest Freeway Suite 100 Houston, TX 77074

Classes are held every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am. to 6pm.


Class Pricing:

Commissioned Level 3 Armed Certification- $150.00

Noncommissioned Level 2 Unarmed Certification - $50.00

OC Pepper Spray and Advanced Handcuffing Certification - $50.00